Kendall Blumer, PhD

Kendall Blumer, PhD

Principal Investigator
Professor of Cell Biology & Physiology

Michael Onken, PhD

Michael Onken, PhD

Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics

Kevin Kaltenbronn

Kevin Kaltenbronn

Research Lab Supervisor

Mentorship Philosophy

Our goal is for every lab member to thrive personally and scientifically. Good science and good community happen when we share. We share our knowledge and skills and are open to questions. We help each other succeed and celebrate everyone’s success. We are serious about building an inclusive lab where people of all backgrounds are welcome. We value our time outside and inside the lab. We take time to take care of ourselves and each other.

Graduate Student Alumni

Matthew Cain–Assistant Professor, Washington University School of Medicine

Fanny Chang–Analyst, Deloitte, Inc.

Ryan Drenan–Professor, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Steve Holly–Associate Professor, Campbell University

Michi Kanai–Postdoctoral fellow, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Mark Overton–Owner, SaxQuest, Inc.

Stephanie Scherer–R&D Manager, Advanced Genetic and Cell Technologies, Inc.

Sreesh Srinivasa–Chief Development Officer, Oblique Therapeutics, Inc.

Chris Stefan–Associate Professor and MRC Investigator, University College, London, UK

Sharon Young–Associate Principal Consultant, SciLucent, Inc.

Tyson Todd—Research associate, Washington University School of Medicine

Postdoctoral Fellow Alumni

Dorota Grabowska–Institutional Review Board, Washington University School of            Medicine

Anatoly Grishin–Associate Professor, University of Southern California School of Medicine

Scott Heximer–Professor and Chair of Physiology, University of Toronto

Peirong Hu–Senior Scientist, Lentigen, Inc.

Muralidharan Jayaraman–Director, COBRE biospecimen services, University of Oklahoma Cancer Center

Lixia Jia–Pharmacist

Patrick Osei-owusu–Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Man Hee Rhee–Professor, Kyungpook National University

Carmen Rodriguez–Professor, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Xiaoguang Sun–Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Ned Watson–Staff Scientist, Sigma-Aldrich, Inc.

Angie Wild–Research Analyst, BioMedical Insights, Inc.

Joe Zahner–Owner, ChemBionic Systems, Inc.

Hao Zhou–Staff Scientist, Washington University School of Medicine